Financing Option 6, 9,12/mos

Regular Rate: Monthly.

Tier I

✓ Cashflow Mgmt/Oversight:  Income & Expense Entries, P&L Reports

✓ Business Accountability Team (Mentorship/Business Consulting)

✓ Star Member Virtual Vendor Club  (w/application approval; see benefits)

Tier II

✓ Lite Bookkeeping, includes quarterly tax submission & reports, Reconciliations, End of year Reports.  

✓ Ongoing Statements (includes Casflow Mgmt Oversight, No Payroll)      

 ✓Tax Review/Analysis *

 ✓ Superstar Member Virtual Vendor Club (w/application approval; see benefits)

Tier III

✓ Full Bookkeeping with payroll, (Under 50 Employee/1099)

✓ Discount Tax Filing *

✓ LegalShield (no add’l fee – for the length of the Bookkeeping Service) *

✓ VIP Member Virtual Vendor Club (w/application approval; see benefits)

Virtual Vendor Club Membership can be obtained as Standalone Marketing Pkg.

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